Welcome to Oh, October!

You may be wondering, “Why change the name of the blog?” “Why ‘Oh, October’?”

In the past two years of my life, I have found that I have changed so drastically that I barely recognize myself. I went from living alone in an apartment (with my puppy, Wallie), working a full time job that I had been at for twelve years, and had no responsibilities to anyone. Today I am a wife and a stay at home mom who balances blogging and writing her first novel with baby snuggles, potty training, and temper tantrums. (Oh, the temper tantrums!)

I am human, which means I am a creature of habit. I am resistant to change, so when I looked around and realized, “Crap! When did this become my life?”, I felt so lost. I grasped for the remnants of life as I remembered it and scavenged through the fragments to try to find my identity. Finally I realized something. Change is inevitable. Life has different seasons and with every season comes change.

October has always represented physical change in nature. The leaves change color, the temperature gets crisp, and the world (at least here in Western North Carolina anyways) is a completely different place. No matter what is going on in life, we can always depend on October to come and bring change with it.

October has always been my favorite month. My mom is a huge Michael Myers fan, so October in my house when I was little was spent binge watching every single Halloween movie (except number three because Michael isn’t in it). I loved bobbing for apples (although I would never eat them), trick or treating, going to haunted houses, and just watching the leaves change colors and fall. There has always been something magical about October.

I chose Oh, October because I felt like at this season in my life it completely represents what I am going through and who I have become. I want to blog about my life as a mom, books that I am loving (and hating), my journey in writing and publishing my first novel, beauty, and anything else that I feel represents me or something I love. I also feel that if I change (which I most undoubtedly will), it will still hold significance to me and what I want to do with this blog. I want this blog to represent me as a person as I continue on this journey of life. Right now the journey is being a stay at home mom to a one year old while running this blog. One day it may be the journey of a published author or a seasoned traveler.

So here’s to Oh, October, to change (though it was not very welcome at first), and to wherever this crazy life takes me! I hope that you will follow along on this journey.