Guys! My baby turned a month old last week! I literally can’t believe how fast the time is going! Life with a baby has definitely been an adjustment for both Seth and I. The sleepless nights are REAL! (Thank goodness for coffee and under eye concealer!) Emma has already changed so much in just the few short weeks of her life and we both love watching her grow!


I don’t know what I would do if Seth wasn’t such an amazing “swaddle-er”. Emma loves to be swaddled at night and it’s literally the only way we can get her to sleep without holding her! She has been waking up every two to three hours to eat (or she realizes that she isn’t being held).


Sometimes she does end up in bed with us. Desperate times, y’all.


Since the moment she was born, her eyes have been wide open! I have been told constantly by people that they have never seen a baby so alert! She is always looking around and taking everything in. And look how beautiful her eyes are. Seth and I are still wagering what color her eyes will end up. (Green like mine or blue like his…. I guess we will see.)


The struggle of breastfeeding! I could write a whole blog post about just that! But I am continuing onward. At first breastfeeding was a nightmare for me. With lack of sleep, the initial pain and discomfort, plus the fact that she wants to eat ALL THE TIME- I almost gave up. But Seth got me a breast pump and now he is able to feed her too! This was the first time she took a bottle! (Now Seth takes a turn at night feeding her so I can sleep a little bit.)


Emma also had her first playdate at her Nana’s house (my mom) so Seth and I could go watch Beauty and the Beast– (HOLY SHEESH! The movie was so good and reminded me so much of when I was little that I could have cried! Okay…maybe I did cry!). My mom purchased that top for her. (In fact, almost every shirt my mom has gotten for her says somethings about Nana.) To bad she only wore it for like two minutes before she ruined it with a big poo!


Emma got to meet her cousins on Seth’s side this month! That little cutie is Jude who is a few months older than her.


From left to right: Piper, Jude, Emma, and aunt Bess (Seth’s sister). Piper is three. We normally don’t get to see them often because they live in Louisiana, but we found out a few weeks after their trip that they will be moving up here! We are super excited that Emma will have all of her cousins on both sides to play with! And I need a mommy buddy! (That’s you, Bess!)

baby snuggles

I have had a lack of motivation this past month to do pretty much anything and this is why! I know I should be putting her down to take naps in her bassinet or rocker, but I treasure these sweet moments so much! One day she will be to big to be held, so I am savoring every moment of this stage of her life. So if I slack on blogging from time to time, this is why!

one monthemma

I mean, look at that face!


Emma is beginning to smile and I refuse to accept that it’s gas! She coos at us. She is also very sassy already. She wants what she wants when she wants it. She loves rides in the car where she usually falls asleep. She still isn’t sure what to think of bath time, mostly because she hates being naked.

Emma, my sweet princess, happy one month! I am looking forward to watching you grow, sweet girl!

(Stay tuned. I will be sharing Emma’s birth story soon.)