If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you already know. Regardless, I still want to document the rest of my journey with my readers.

So, I’m pregnant. (As I’m sure you guessed by the title.) In fact, as of the day this post goes live, I will be 21 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Seth and I found out in June before I had missed my first period because I just had that feeling that I was. I didn’t share it on social media until I was past sixteen weeks- mostly because I’ve been struggling with how private I want to keep everything. I had been vlogging on my Youtube channel and then when I saw those two pink lines I reevaluated everything! My husband documented Emma’s birth and the first year of her life over on his Youtube channel, so now after much thinking I would like to do the same with this little bundle of joy.

So, you aren’t here for the spill into my “keep things private or not”. You are here for the sex! Baby number two is going to be a BOY!!!!

baby 2 is a boy

Guys, I was so certain it was another girl. (Mostly it was wishful thinking because I have ALL the girl stuff.) But this little guy threw us for a loop. Our sweet boy should be here in mid February (unless he is like his sister and wants to make me wait ten extra days).

baby boy profile

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