Spring is finally here! (except it has been snowing like crazy this week). Although I am ready for warmer weather to get here, I decided to reminisce on a trip we went on this past October. Salem, Massachusetts is one of my favorite places! I visited in 2012 and fell in love with it! Salem is known the Salem Witch Trials in the late 1600s. The trials saw many innocent people accused of witchcraft, thrown in jail, and executed. The violent history is what took me there in 2012 before I met Seth. I explored the town, took the subway to Boston, and fell in love with the colors of Massachusetts in the fall. Since I met Seth, I had raved about the town and begged to go back. The trip would be Emma’s first vacation which was really special.

The best time to visit Salem is definitely during October. During the whole month of October, they have Haunted Happenings. The town is decorated with all things Halloween. There are haunted attractions on every corner and a lot of historical ones as well. I’m just going to share with you some pictures from our trip and some things that I love about the town.

salem mass samantha

The Samantha from Bewitched statue!

Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum is such an intriguing building! At night it looks so creepy! Unfortunately, this is the only attraction that we didn’t really do. When I went to buy tickets, I asked the clerk if it was “baby friendly”. He asked me what I meant. So i rephrased. I asked if bringing a baby in was recommended, would it scare the baby, was it stroller accessible. He said, “I guess.” Uh… yea. It certainly wasn’t. So just be warned there. Seth and I had to take Emma out three minutes in. Luckily we got a refund, but it is not baby friendly!

old burying point

Old Burying Point

Salem Burying Point

Old Burying Point is the oldest graveyard in Salem. Resting in the graveyard is a Mayflower pilgrim and also a judge that resided over the Salem Witch Trials. The size of the graveyard is incredible. We wondered through the graveyard for a while just staring at the grave markers and pointing out how old they were.

Salem Witch Memorial

Right next door to Old Burying Point is the Salem Witch Memorial. Each step represents someone who lost their life during the Salem Witch Trials. The sad thing is that the victims of the trial weren’t officially declared innocent until a few years ago. People still lay flowers on the stairs in honor of the victims.

Ugly Mug Diner

Nutella Latte

I hate to be the person who post a food picture. (It’s annoying really.) But this is from the Ugly Mug Diner. Seth and I went twice on our trip and enjoyed it both times! Also, you need to try the Nutella Latte. Gosh, I still dream about it!

The Custom House

salem mass

The Custom House sits close to Salem Harbor. Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlett Letter had an office here. The purpose of the Custom House was to collect taxes on imported cargos.

Salem Wharf

The lighthouse

The walk to the lighthouse was long but so worth it! It was later in the evening and it was so beautiful!

The Witch House

The Witch House

The Witch House is a very ominous building. Although it definitely looks like a witch lived there, it was actually the house of Judge Jonathon Corwin. It remains the only building in Salem that is directly related to the trials that occurred. Corwin is often referred to as the hanging judge. He ultimately ended up sending nineteen people to the gallows. The house is open to tour which was super interesting. There are some “poppets” on display there. Poppets were similar to voodoo dolls.

The Pumpkin that lived

You can’t go to a witch town and not expect to see anything related to Harry Potter. There are also two stores that sell Harry Potter merchandise. One sells memorabilia. The other is set up just like Ollivanders which is where you buy wands in the wizarding world- and YES! It is filled with wands!

Town Hall

If you’ve ever seen Hocus Pocus then this building looks familiar to you, right? (Seth and I didn’t watch it until after our trip.) This is Town Hall. If you are on the streets at the right time, you can see Puritans arrest Bridget Bishop (the first to be accused of witchcraft) and dragged here to her trial. We did this and were able to sit as jurors in the case of Bridgett. The case is based on actual court records. It was so interesting to see what convicted these poor people and also eye opening. The more we learned, the more confused we were. It’s such a sad tragedy.

I highly recommend visiting Salem if you ever get the chance. It remains one of my favorite places I’ve visited to date and I am already waiting to go back!