As of today- I have gone five days past my due date!!!! I literally thought I would be holding my baby by now. I have spent every single day since I found out I was pregnant obsessing over my pregnancy app, making lists about things that needed to be done, scolding my husband on continuing to keep his boots on when he walks through the house. (“Do you want our child to be covered in dirt?”)

Our due date came. We walked up and down the road. We had spicy chicken sandwiches for lunch. We cleaned. And then our due date went. And here we are. Five days later! (Why don’t you wanna come out, baby girl?)

I know that due date’s are not some magic date that you land on and- BOOM- you have your baby. My sister-in-law told me to think of it as more of a “due window”. Basically, a baby could come two weeks before or two weeks AFTER their due date. (TWO WHOLE WEEKS AFTER???? Please no!) What I hate the most is this expectation that seems to grow as the days pass and there is still no baby. Family and friends have been waiting to meet the newest addition too. (I have a six year old niece who has been DYING to meet her baby cousin. I think she is starting to believe that I have just gotten fat.) The text messages and phone calls and Facebook comments have been nonstop.

“Anything happening?”

“Have you had the baby yet?”

“How much longer?”


Are you in my boat? Are you about to go crazy with waiting around? Here are some things that I have been doing/am going to continue doing until my baby girl decides to exit that may help you keep your sanity.

40 weeks and 5 days pregnant

40 weeks and 5 days pregnant

1. Give yourself a much needed treat!

For the past 40 weeks (and then some) you’ve been thinking of nothing else. Being pregnant has consumed your thoughts. The baby’s room is done. The bags are packed and in the car. You have the list of people to contact when D-Day finally arrives. There are even freezer meals in the fridge. (Ha! Ha! As if! I said I was going to do this and failed miserably. To much work!) If baby is still refusing to move on out, enjoy the final days you have before the dirty diapers and the sleepless nights. Bake yourself a yummy desert that you don’t normally bake. Buy that purse you’ve been eyeing. Get your nails done for goodness sake. You are growing a human! Enjoy it! I decided to bake myself a cake. I’m typically a cookie and brownie kind of girl, so I thought it’d be fun. Turns out I don’t make cakes because icing them is a pain in the neck. But hey! It may have looked funky- but it was delicious!

2. Go on a date with your husband!

Pretty soon it won’t just be the two of you. Enjoy it! Go on a hot date! Do something special as a couple. As much as I did not want to get out of my pajama pants and put on something decent, I knew this would be the last few days when it was just going to be the two of us. Typically, date night for us is dinner and a movie. But guys! Those dang theatre seats plus my baby bump were not cutting it. I also want to be in bed before the sun goes down. Must we stay out so late? So instead we have opted for lunch dates, walking the dogs (and hopefully walking the baby on out), and of course- Netflix!!! (What did we do before Netflix?) Sure it isn’t the most glamorous, but I want to soak up as much time with my husband as I can.

3. Girl’s Night!!! (Eerrr….Day)

Your girlfriends are just as important as your husband. It won’t be long before you will be carting around a tiny human when you need a shopping trip. I really have only one true BFF. In any typical given week, we spend almost more time together than my husband and I do. Our shopping trips are going to be hard while juggling an infant. So we shopped (tried to- nothing will fit me), sat at the coffee shop and gossiped, shopped some more, and then- more coffee. So again! You are about to be joined by a tiny human who wants to occupy ALL of your time. Go out with your friends. Shop ‘til you drop. Eat some good food. (We indulged on some lobster ravioli from Carrabba’s- YUM!) Talk about things you and your girls talk about. Pretty soon you are going to be annoying them with constant talk of how cute your baby is and showing them thousands of pictures of your baby that basically look the same.

4. Binge watch your favorite show

Seriously, what did we do before Netflix? My husband loathes my Netflix obsession- mostly because instead of watching something I’ve never watched before I spend hours and hours re-watching Friends (which I could quote word for word and besides that- I own it on DVD). Is there something on Netflix you’ve been dying to watch? For me, I was able to put aside Friends for a much more disturbing show- Bates Motel– which I finished in a week and a half. (Have you been watching? Do you feel a little bad for Norman?) Park your butt in front of the television and watch what you want to watch. Pretty soon, your Netflix queue is going to be full of Dora and Sponge Bob and you are going to have to watch the same one OVER and OVER again. (Trust me. When my niece comes over for playdates, what we really do is spend our time re-watching the same thing.)  Enjoy it while you can.

5. Relax

I don’t want to be one of those people who say to you, “Sleep now while you can.” I have heard it a thousand times and I want to punch these people. (Obviously, I know. But how can I sleep with this giant belly?) This whole pregnancy I don’t think I have thought of anything else. I want everything to be perfect. I want my floor to be so clean that you can eat off of it! (What a joke with my husband and our two dogs.) This isn’t entirely realistic and stressing out over things like this won’t make your baby come any faster. Relax! I took off work the week before my due date because I was convinced I would go early and I was terrified I’d go into labor there. So I have spent my days off going to my favorite coffee shop, taking a bath, reading some books that are my list. I’ve also allowed my husband to attempt to appease me with his version of a clean kitchen. So, girl, put your bedroom shoes on. Get a face mask. Lay around and chill!

Girl, I know you are miserable. I’m miserable, too. I’m ready to meet my baby. I’m ready to be able to do things without this huge belly in my way. But complaining won’t speed the process along. So hang in there! We are almost to the finish line. (But let me tell you, if I am still pregnant by this time next week I may just slip the doctor a hundred dollar bill to speed this process along. Or I will lay in bed in the fetal position and cry.)

Cuddles with Wallie

Cuddles with Wallie!

What are some things you are doing while you wait for your baby? Let’s chat in the comments!