Ashley and a mummified head

My name is Ashley, a 28 year old from the mountains of North Carolina. My passion for writing historical fiction started at a young age (third grade to be exact) when Titanic came out. (Yes, the one with Leo DiCaprio). It was during my third grade year that I wrote my first book called Titanic: the Diary of Rebecca Brady. Though that book was horrendous and will never see the light of day, I continued to love reading, writing, and history. Along the way, I had some amazing teachers who fueled my passion. One introduced me to the world of ancient Egypt and I was hooked.


Emma Grace Johnson birthday

In 2015, I married my amazing husband. Just a few short months later (after moving into our house) we found out that we were pregnant. In March of 2017, we welcomed our daughter, Emma Grace, into the world. As many people know, having a baby can definitely alter your plans. For the first year of her life, I was continuing to work as a Customer Service Manager at the local grocery store (where I had been since 2006). It made things very hard because naturally, I felt as I was missing out her life. This year my husband and I made it possible for me to stay at home with her and it’s been the best blessing in the world.

Hi. I'm Ashley and I live in the mountains of North Carolina with my husband, baby girl, and two fur babies.

Oh, October is a personal blog where I talk about anything and everything in my life. One of the main focuses will be books, mainly historical fiction. I also want to share my journey in writing and hopefully publishing my first book, motherhood in all of it’s glorious (and not so glorious) wonder, beauty, and anything else. I hope that you will come on this journey with me! If you want more content, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel where I post day in the life vlogs, beauty related tips, and super adorable videos of Emma being the cutest! Just click here to check it out.